2014-2015 Lightingretrofit was engaged by Simplot Australian Continent to aid at factory lights improvements included in the government Food as well as Foundries Fund energy preservation system. Excellent Induction lighter Fixtures and also Retrofit kits had been supplied to many of their veggie processing flowers plus Edgell Birdseye in Bathurst NSW, Birdseye/IJ inside Kelso NSW, Edgell/Leggos as part of Echuca Victoria, Edgell/Birdseye in Devonport furthermore Simplot as part of Ulverstone, Tasmania. Altogether around 1,700 fixtures had been sometimes retrofitted using EDL lamp and/or ballast kits entering current excellence Metal Halide highbay illumination fixturesor replaced at emerging Lightingretrofit Highbay and/or Floodlight fixtures.


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